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Storage Tips

Practical Storage Suggestions


Picking a storage unit that will serve your purposes requires a combination of geometry, planning and imagination. It would be nice if everything you want to store fits neatly into stackable boxes, but as you well know, that is not usually the case.

How will you use it?

It is essential  to know how you plan to use your unit. It will help you determine how you will pack your items and how how large a unit you will need. If you want a space where you will store it and forget about it until you have the new place to put it, you will be able to get more into your unit. You might be able to use a smaller unit.

If you want to be able to get things out of storage as needed, you will want to arrange your items so that you can more easily reach your most important items. A center aisle will take up some space but will make it much easier for you retrieve what you want. You might need to select a larger unit.

What are you storing?

While how you will use your storage unit is important, what you have to store is the most critical factor in determining the best size to get. Obviously, furniture and oddly shaped items take up more space. Measuring your furniture is important to determining your size requirements. Turn your measurements into rectangles and lay them out on paper to get an idea of your size requirements. Usually it's best not to store boxes much more than 6 feet high but it's great to have the extra height for those really long or tall items that can be stood on end. Here are some general suggestions on what you might store in different size spaces.

Storage by size

Sample sizes. We have many more.

Based on an 8' ceiling.

8 x 8    64 sq ft   512 cubic ft

Handy for storing a couch, a mattress and frame and at least 9 boxes (2'x2').

8 x 10  80 sq ft   640 cubic ft

Great for storing the contents of a 1 bedroom apartment.  Ideal for furniture including a couch, chair and small dinning set, sporting equipment, bicycles, business merchandise, seasonal items, and sporting equipment..

8 x 12  96 sq ft   768 cubic ft

Store the contents of a 1 bedroom apartment plus a couple of appliances

8 x 15  120 sq ft   960 cubic ft

Versatile size for storing contents of a 2 bedroom with appliances and more.

8 x 20  160 sq ft   1280 cubic ft

Large enough unit for storing the contents of 3 bedrooms, a sofa and recliner as well as a table and four chairs and major appliances and plenty of boxes. OR you can use our 8x20 insulated, outdoor container to store a car, small boat, ATV, motorcycle or other recreational or commercial equipment.

8 x 40  320 sq ft   2560 cubic ft

Perfect size for the 3-5 bedrooms with all the trimmings plus a car.

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